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Find-A-Team is a registry to assist players with finding a league team.

To use the registry, simply click the Find-A-Team button below.

To play on an LTA sponsored team, you must be an LTA member.

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Leagues 2018

All Leagues sign up begins February 1st. Schedules TBD.

Available LeaguesMinimum Roster DeadlineTeam Fee
* USTA Mixed 18 & overTBD$90
* USTA Adult 18 & overTBD$120
USTA Mixed 40 & overTBD$90
USTA Adult 55 & overTBD$90
CTA Women's Daytime DoublesTBD$90
USTA Adult 40 & overTBD$120
CTA Adult 18-39TBD$70
CTA Women's 2.5 LeagueTBD$70
ITA Fall Mixed DoublesTBD$80
CTA Adult 65 & overTBD$90
CTA Women's Summer DaytimeTBD$80
CTA TwilightTBD$70

* - Not yet available in the payment dropdown.


Note: USTA league sign-up fee(s) not included.

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