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Find-A-Team is a registry to assist players with finding a league team.

To use the registry, simply click the Find-A-Team button below.

To play on an LTA sponsored team, you must be an LTA member.

Click the Join Now button to become a member today!

LTA League Information

League play requires each player to be a member of the LTA and USTA in good standing.

LTA league registration fees do not include USTA and Tennislink fees.

If you are a player looking for a team, please click here to utilize our "Find-A-Team" feature.

Once on the Find-A-Team page click the REGISTER button. This will allow you to enter your preferences as to what league(s) you would like to participate. It will also offer you the opportunity to consider becoming a captain.

Of course, we cannot guarantee success, but we will try our best to hook you up with a team, or possibly to help you form a team.
If you are a team captain, follow these instructions to register your team for LTA/USTA/CTA Leagues.
  1. Download the Team Registration form here, or from the Quick Links page.
  2. Pay the team fee either by PayPal on this page or by including a check with your submitted form.

    Regardless of payment method, send the completed form (with check if you do not use PayPal) to:

    Longmont Tennis Association
    PO Box 2252
    Longmont, CO 80502

  3. Upon receipt, the league coordinator will supply the team captain with the USTA/CTA team number.
  4. Captain and players will then sign-up for the team on the USTA/CTA web site.
  1. All league participants must be members of the USTA and LTA.
  2. To obtain a team number, the captain must submit the minimum number of players for the respective league.
  3. For a team to be included in the league schedule, the minimum number of players must sign up on the USTA web site prior to the deadline.
  4. Players added after the initial registration form is submitted may sign up on the USTA/CTA web site.
    NOTE: The LTA team fee is the same, no matter how many players are on the team.
  5. Every team will be required to have at least 75% of their registered players "in level". Exceptions will be allowed by submitting a waiver.
  6. Any questions should be sent to
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